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California's Highest Rated Non-toxic Head Lice Removal Service



Lousey Nitpickers is a L.A. Lice Removal Service dedicated to providing safe, effective, non-toxic removal of head lice and their eggs in the comfort and privacy of your own home.™   You may have already tried other services or products only to find them ineffective, costly, and potentially harmful.

We invite you to browse through the following pages, where you will find valuable information regarding the safe and effective treatment of head lice as well as the many innovative services and products offered by Lousey Nitpickers.

Over ten years of experience in head lice removal and product development, the founders of Lousey Nitpickers set out to create a company unique in its commitment to safety, honesty, service, and results. This has resulted in National recognition of Lousey Nitpickers service and product in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Orange Country Register, Cincinnati Post, and Denver Post.

It is no accident that Lousey Nitpickers is the highest rated non-toxic head-lice removal service in California and is featured as the industry expert on parenting site

Lousey Nitpickers cares about our communities and our children. A portion of all revenues generated by Lousey Nitpickers supports a variety of children's charities, education, and health care programs.

Lousey Nitpickers’ safe, effective, non-toxic services and Botanical Defense System™ offer guaranteed results without the risk.

What kills head lice and their eggs?