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California's Highest Rated Non-toxic Head Lice Removal Service


five stars

Frank is a Godsend

My 5-year-old daughter battled lice for 2 months (yes, 2 whole months) but we just could not get rid of it on our own. Finally we called in Lousey Nitpickers and the problem was solved within 5 days. Plus they even guaranteed their services...all this for a fraction of the price.


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Can't Say Enough Good Things

After treating at home several times over the past 2 weeks with no success, in desperation, I did an internet search and found Lousey Nitpickers. From the moment I called, I felt very reassured that I had made the right choice. Frank came out the same evening and treated all of us - 2 adults and a 4 year old. He was so kind and patient with our daughter that by the time he left they were best friends. I can't say enough good things about him and the great company.

Carrie, San Fernando Valley

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Fabulous Frank

The first time my daughter had lice, I spent a torturous 2 hours combing through her hair looking for the little buggers, plus a full day cleaning and doing laundry. It was a nightmare. Today, when her school called to say she once again had lice, my stomach fell. The school recommended Hair Fairies, if I didn't want to do the dirty work, which I didn't. I left 2 messages, and after 2 hours, got a callback. In those two hours, I found Lousey Nitpickers, called and booked a same day appointment in minutes. Frank was all smiles when he came, was fabulous with my 2 kids, and cleaned 3 heads in 1 hour. If lice can be wonderful, then this was heaven. I will never nitpick again. And if I ever get the call from school again, I know who I'll be calling before I pick my daughter up. I highly recommend Lousey Nitpickers to anyone facing this horrible nuisance.


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Don't Know What I Would Have Done

If your child has lice in their head, look no further. Lousy Nitpickers will clean the bugs out with ease and no pain to the child. I don't know what I would have done if not for Lousey Nitpickers' help. Great work guys!


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Lousey Nitpickers Rules!!

I couldn't believe it when I discovered my daughter had caught head lice this summer! When it happened for the first time two years ago, I cleared the grocery store shelves buying products, threw out blankets, linens and stuffed animals, and spent about 12 hours treating everybody in our house, as recommended by some websites. I was hysterical and felt traumatized. As a working mom, I ended up operating on very little sleep. This time around, we found Lousey Nitpickers! Frank came to the house and went through my daughter's long hair with the speed and ease of a professional. He checked the rest of the family, and found that we were all FINE. Frank also gave practical cleaning tips that were not very time consuming at all. Lousey Nitpickers, thank you for saving us hundreds of dollars, hours and hours of aggravation, and massive stress and sleepless nights! We cannot recommend you highly enough. A+++++++++

A relaxed, well-rested mother

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Money Well Spent!

I, like many parents, thought when I received the once a week head lice notice from school it could never happen to my kids..guess what? It did and it made me a CRAZY LADY. I bought all the products and was ready to tackle the job but realized my daughter's beautiful blonde tresses were a knotted mess and I didn't have the time or patience to comb out her hair 3x's a day for as long it would take (advice given by a girlfriend who'd dealt with it before.) Oh and did I mention both my husband and I work full time...

2 days into our nightmare, I found Lousey Nitpickers on line. When I read all the great reviews and was assured they could come to my home that evening, I was sold. Frank is an Angel sent from heaven! He instantly walked in with a smile and an air of confidence and put me at ease. I've been telling everyone I can how grateful we are for Lousey Nitpickers. I hope to never call them again but if I do, it will be the best money spent.

So.Pas.Mom , South Pasadena, CA

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Out of State, but so Grateful

I am out of state, and I have searched like crazy for some help to deal with this awful nightmare. I came across [Lousey Nitpickers'] website and left a message for someone to call me. It's Saturday night and Frank called me!!! I am so thankful to get good information and to know that I can deal with this with confidence that I am doing it correctly and safely. I will share info about the website and the product that I ordered with all my friends who are just as terrified as I was that this will happen to them. Thank you thank you!

Helpless in IL

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What a Relief!

My daughter was getting her hair braided at a local fair when I was told by the stylist that she may have head lice. Someone told me about Lousey Nitpickers, so I called them right away. Because it was Saturday, I had to leave a message. I immediately went home to start the time intensive hair treatment on my daughter and begin my many loads of wash. After 1 1/2 hours of combing through the hair and seeing nothing resembling lice, I figured I must be in denial. I was impressed to get a return call that evening from Evan at Lousey Nitpickers. Evan was very supportive and assured me that Frank would come to my house the following day. Frank checked us all out thoroughly and he was great with my three children. It was such a relief to hear from him that my daughter had a very dry scalp which caused some flakes, but that we were all free of headlice. I hope I never have to deal with Lousey Nitpickers again, but I will certainly recommend them to anyone that has to deal with lice!

Relieved Mom, Orange County, CA

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Excellent Service!

My daughter had head lice and I freaked out. I called everyone out there in the LA area. Lousey Nitpickers were so helpful. They are the best in town. Other places were rude, did not call me back or just wanted me to come to a "salon" - which is disgusting to me since why would I want my kid around other kids that have lice?? These guys are the real deal. Our daughter is lice free and it was fantastic that they came to our home. I love these guys!


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Awesome Service!

I called Lousey Nitpickers because my head was itching like crazy, and I knew I had lice. I've had lice on and off since grade school, so I just knew I was infested. Lousey Nitpickers were very nice and answered all my questions over the phone, so I scheduled an appointment right away. This Nitpicker was my savior. He combed through my whole head several times and showed me no lice each time. I personally could not believe it. Lice have burdened me for so long that I'm even afraid to sit on someone's couch for fear that I'll infest it. So my lice paranoia runs way deep. The Nitpicker kindly assured me I definitely have no lice, just a sensitive scalp and dandruff. To that end, he provided me with their products to solve my scalp problem. You have no idea what a relief it is to have someone who deals with and sees lice every day say I'm clean. It is the greatest feeling in the world. Lousey Nitpickers are the greatest and I'm definitely referring anybody I know of who has a problem.

Rachel, Burbank, CA

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The Best Answer to Lice

The service I received from Lousey Nitpickers was fantastic. I was instantly reassured that my problem was going to be well taken care of ― and it was. Our "Nitpicker" was informative, reassuring, and absolutely great with our four-year-old. We highly recommend Lousey Nitpickers to anyone with this annoying problem!

Michelle Taub

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Fast and Effective

After two days of working on my 4-year-old's waist-length hair myself, I called Lousey Nitpickers for help. The company returned my call within an hour and had someone to my house three hours later. They removed all the nits from her hair, and also checked me. They were fast, efficient, and extremely good natured. My daughter was able to go back to school the next day and so far has been lice-free. I hope I don't ever have to deal with head lice again in our house, but if I do I'll call this company immediately. To do both our heads took about 90 minutes and cost $150, which comes with a guarantee. I think it's a bargain.

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School Recommended

Our school had been dealing with head lice for over a month. Contacting Lousey Nitpickers was the best move we could have made to take care of the problem. They were very professional and friendly. I gladly recommend them to other schools or families with the same problem.

Dave Frank - Director

Sunshine Daydreams Preschool

Serviced in the Comfort of My Home

My 4-year-old daughter was sent home from preschool when she and several others became infested with head lice. I treated my daughter with an over the counter lice shampoo that was recommended by my Pediatrician. I left the shampoo on for 3 hours while nit picking and desperately combing through her daughter’s short blonde hair to remove the bugs and their eggs. My daughter's hair is so light and fine that it was hard to see anything. Worried that I did not get them all, I called a local salon that specializes in lice removal, but I simply could not wait several days for the appointment, so I went online and found Lousey Nitpickers. They were able to come within 24 hours and perform the service in the comfort of my home. This spoke volumes to me, because the last thing I wanted to do was wait several days with bugs on daughter's head and have her hair picked through at a salon in front of everybody. If I had known about Lousey Nitpickers before, I never would have put those toxic chemicals on my daughter’s head. Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but if there is, I will definitely call Lousey Nitpickers right away!

Teri, Los Angeles, CA

Amazing with Children

I want to thank you for sending one of your "Nitpickers" to our house. He was AMAZING with my children. He made the whole process actually really fun and pleasant for all of us. He was so thorough and gentle. We feel so lucky to have had him take care of us, and if we are ever in need of your services again, we will certainly look forward to seeing him. Thank you also for getting back to us so quickly and for taking care of our family on a holiday weekend. We are sincerely grateful. Thanks again!!

"Very Happy Customers", San Marino, CA

Worth Every Penny

A couple of weeks into school this year, I noticed my daughter scratching her head. I too had a sense of itching and asked my husband to take a closer look for us. Upon examination, we found that all five of us had head lice. We’re a close-knit family, and the infestation spread like wildfire. Panic set in and we all freaked out! I immediately ran to the drug store and bought the usual products that we assumed would handle the problem. Chemical treatments, sprays, nit combs, shampoos….You name it! I knew that these chemicals were not good to use on our heads or in our living environment, but I was desperate and willing to overlook it all to simply have relief. We proceeded with the process of removing the nits (which are not easy to see), striping the beds, washing the bedding, spraying every surface, vacuuming everything in sight…I was neurotic about it! I spent the better portion of a week and nearly $500 in products to help in the fight. It was a nightmare, yet after all of this, we still had lice. In shear desperation, I did an Internet search. To my astonishment I came across a salon that specialized in dealing with head lice as well as "Lousey Nitpickers". I called both. The salon never returned my (frantic) call, but Lousey Nitpickers did within a half an hour. A few hours later, they showed up at our home and immediately put us all at ease, especially the kids. They carefully and painstakingly went through each of us until they were certain that they had gotten every nit, all without using any toxic chemicals. It’s been several weeks now and we are all relieved to not have this problem any more. I honestly wish that I had called Lousey Nitpickers in the first place. It would have cost less than everything I spent on products and would have solved the problem sooner saving us all a week of anguish. I HIGHLY recommend Lousey Nitpickers to anyone with this unfortunate problem. To me it was worth every penny for the piece of mind!

Melissa, Conejo Valley, CA

No More Ickers

Lousey Nitpickers came to the rescue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our Nitpicker showed up with his combs and smile and instantly made me (and the 6 family members waiting to get their heads checked) feel at ease!!! Miraculously, only my daughter, who I knew had been exposed to lice, had live nits in her hair. He did his treatment, combed her out and assured me she was lice-free. It was extremely reasonably priced compared to all the money I’ve spent on treatments and water bills. However, I could not believe it was gone after just one visit, so I asked him to come back three days later when I knew he would be in the neighborhood. Low and behold, she was still lice-free!!! I can’t tell you the happiness we felt. We did a “no more ickers” dance when he left. I highly recommend Lousey Nitpickers to anyone, or any school, the second one lice bug is seen. Thank you Lousey Nitpickers!!! You have seriously changed our lives!

Liz, Trabuco Canyon, CA

Oh, Bugs

Did you know that lice can be such pests? Well, my sister had lice and it was not fun! My mom was vacuuming, cleaning the car, and changing the sheets nonstop. Every time my sister used the phone or sat on the couch, she would have to wipe it down with an alcohol wipe, and oh boy if she didn’t, my mom would go absolutely CRAZY! My mom couldn’t take going through my sister’s long, curly hair any longer, so she called a company that did it for her. It took Lousey Nitpickers only half the time to go through my sister's hair and search for those nasty bugs. It was finally over. My mom said, “Thank goodness we found you guys.” It took a lot of stress off her and me. See what lice can do to affect your daily routine? They STINK!!!

Hannah, Thousand Oaks, CA